Service Link Direct: Field Service Management Software

ServiceLink Direct - Field Service Management Software

ServiceLink Direct is a field service management software solution that enables you to manage jobs from inception through to invoicing.

Our cloud-based mobile workforce management software has been specially designed for organisations with a mobile workforce of service, maintenance, repair or installation field agents.

ServiceLink Direct helps you to:

  • achieve true end-to-end business tracking
  • reduce costs and increase profitability
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • secure your critical business data

ServiceLink Direct has steadily evolved over 15 years of real-world deployment and comes with industry-leading support from Walker Martyn Software Ltd. The software itself is flexible and scalable so it is suitable for any size of organisation, small or large.

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Features of our Field Service Management Solution

ServiceLink Direct enables you to run your business more effectively because it:

  • is fast and easy to use
  • automatically monitors all jobs and tells you if jobs are running late
  • gives an up to date picture of all work - never "forgets" a job
  • can provide an up to date picture of each job's profitability - prior to invoicing
  • records an audit of how details of jobs were added / changed
  • automatically creates service calls
  • can be used to raise and track purchase orders
  • reports on job & contract costs / margin
  • provides job management, invoicing and costing from one input
  • interfaces to spreadsheets and word processing
  • exports invoice data to accounting systems
  • keeps details of items installed at each site
  • stores a complete history of all work done for each customer
  • is flexible - can be set up to meet different users' requirements
  • supports variable billing types e.g. quoted work, time and materials billing, schedule of rates, open book, etc

Mobile Workforce Management

Managing more than a handful of field service agents presents your business with a range of logistical problems - job costing and scheduling, customer and contractor management, invoice generation and tracking, and more. Often these tasks are managed on an ad-hoc basis using disparate pieces of general purpose office software, such as MS Excel or Access. This can make it unnecessarily difficult to manage a mobile workforce effectively, especially one which is growing in size.

Our integrated mobile workforce management software allows you to increase the efficiency of your mobile workforce while reducing the cost and administrative overhead of managing a growing number of field workers.

Management Information System

To help you really take control of your service business, ServiceLink Direct offers a fully-integrated management reporting solution providing end-to-end tracking of all critical business processes across the service life cycle. Management reporting is covered from initial job creation and contract management right through to invoicing and archival.

Our management information system (MIS) streamlines administration and means that you always have access to an up-to-date picture of every aspect of your field service business - so you stay fully in control. ServiceLink Direct helps you identify problems developing and provides the business intelligence you need to make effective management decisions.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Many of our clients start using ServiceLink Direct because their service business has outgrown the ad-hoc administrative systems that were put in place when the business began, often a combination of MS Office tools and paper-based job tracking, invoicing and reporting systems.

As your business grows, you find that these basic tools are not enough to ensure the smooth running of an ever-increasing number of field service agents - resulting in scheduling errors, missed KPIs, low customer satisfaction and ultimately, reduced profitability. Especially in low-margin service contracts, a single missed or uninvoiced service call can outweigh the profit from ten or more completed jobs.

ServiceLink Direct will improve your business operations both qualitatively and quantitatively, boosting customer satisfaction levels as well as cashflow and profitability.

Web-Based Service Management Software

As a cloud or web-based solution ServiceLink Direct offers you a number of benefits:

  • no up-front hardware costs
  • no ongoing server maintenance
  • 24/7 access from web-enabled devices
  • disaster-proof with multiple backups in the cloud

Compared to traditional on-site server installations, our cloud-based solution greatly reduces both initial setup costs and ongoing running costs - acquiring and configuring hardware, maintaining software, upgrading or replacing hardware.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

It is impossible to overstate the value of adequate data recovery provision - companies have actually gone bust from computer disasters or fires.

Our cloud software solution is housed in a state-of-the-art server farm with multiple redundancies, which ensures you will never lose valuable business data.

ServiceLink Direct offers small and medium service businesses a competitive advantage when tendering for high-value contracts which often require you to certify that your service business can continue in the face of disaster. Because your critical business data will be secured in our managed server environment, this means that you can bid for contracts that require evidence of high system uptime and disaster recovery processes.

Customised to Your Needs

ServiceLink Direct is completely modular, meaning that you can use just the components that your field service business needs today - safe in the knowledge that if your business grows to need more functionality, the software is in place to handle it.

We pride ourselves on our very high customer satisfaction and retention levels, which is partly down to the initial process of tailoring the software package to your individual requirements. No two service businesses are exactly alike, and our flexible field service software can be customised to fit your needs like a completely bespoke solution.

Friendly and Expert UK-Based Phone Support

ServiceLink Direct offers far greater support than most other field service software companies, which means that our solution is suitable for customers with very limited computer skills. Our friendly and knowledgeable UK-based team provide a very high level of support, which is another major factor in our high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Hundreds of Man-Years of Development

ServiceLink Direct is the product of over 15 years of active development by Walker Martyn Software Ltd, over which time the software has successfully served hundreds of end users. Representing the distilled experience of hundreds of man-years of development, ServiceLink Direct solves problems you may not even understand yet.

Our 8th-generation field service management software package has constantly evolved in that time, adapting to take advantage of the latest technologies, culminating in the industry-leading cloud-based system in use today.

And, coming from a company with a 25-year history of excellence in software development and support, you can be sure that Walker Martyn will still be here in the future - the same might not be true of some competing startups.

Is ServiceLink Direct Suitable For Your Service Business?

ServiceLink Direct is suitable for a wide range of service business types, from small trade contractors dealing direct with customers on a B2C basis, right through to large national service companies responsible for planned maintenance contracts to multiple housing associations or local authorities.

  • Does your company provide repair and maintenance services?
  • Does your organisation need to control a lot of small jobs?
  • Do you have a mobile workforce?
  • Would you like to see job costs before the bill is raised?
  • Need a detailed history of all work done at each address your company has every worked at?
  • Do you need a system that is flexible for the different kinds of people using it?

If the answer to the above questions is Yes, then ServiceLink Direct may be right for you.

Request a Demonstration

ServiceLink Direct is a powerful piece of field service management software which can greatly improve the way your business handles mobile workforce management.

To speak to one of our team about how ServiceLink Direct can help you in your business, or to request a demonstration, please contact us now on 0141 332 7999.